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Instinctive Response

Immediate Survival


airline in-flight/ CPO training CIDT.Covert Improvised Defensive Tactics. ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification

We believe there is more than one element to a well rounded survival skill set for urban reality combatives. Our core module the "I.R.I.S System" Instinctive Response for Immediate Survival is the backbone of that skill set. We offer the following Professional Self-Protection training seminars to civilians, corporations, private security, LE/MIL and various government agencies. We offer seminars and any combination of those seminars as well as custom Defensive Tactics seminars dependent on client needs. Our experience and knowledge affords us the ability to find the solution that fits your criteria.

We are an MTT (mobile training team) that operates both domestically and internationally. We have offices in North America, U.S.A and the United Kingdom. No matter where you are located...We are available to travel to your location. Contact us to discuss options and costs associated with our travel to your location to offer our training services.

If you do not see a seminar that fulfils the need you may have, please contact us and we can discuss your specific needs and criteria to help us in developing a customized program specifically for you.

Choose from the following available options or contact us for customized content.

Professional Self-Protection

Unarmed Control Systems

(The I.R.I.S System)

This is where it all begins. Our fundamentals. Instinctive,

non-telegraphic, natural and immediately

raises your odds at survival!

The core module that all of our systems are based upon. Engagement and Dis-Engagement. Natural human behaviour and offensive/defensive instincts. This program was designed for Use of Force friendly outcomes for civilians and Private Security for liability issues.

Military and Law Enforcement applications are available upon request.

A great deal of focus is placed on Use of Force friendly manipulation of the opponent for dis-engagement as well as control concepts.

The nature of the training allows for seamless transitions from low level control techniques to applications for maximum violence situations.

The concepts from this course cover everything from predator psychology, to pre-contact cues to 360 degree no vision escape from holds and ambush attacks.

Make no mistake this is still urban combatives...after 4 hours of instruction you WILL be able to safely dis-engage from violent confrontation and/or control a violent subject...GUARANTEED!

For more information please click on the link below to access our technical brief.

urc fundamentals.pdf (PDF — 257 KB)

Covert Improvised Defensive Tactics

We designed this course from our experiences as in-flight deportation officers post 9/11.

With LE becoming increasingly aware of civilian defensive implements such as the Kubaton, we needed to firstly find an alternative that was 100 percent legal to carry in all environments. So was born our Covert Improvised Defensive Tactics.

Secondary was finding a way to increase the effectiveness of the implement as a defensive tactic and tool.

The system we have developed meets both criteria. It is just as much about the tactics of the implement itself as it is the psychology behind it.

Used correctly the psychological trauma can be MORE effective than the actual physical damage being done. The natural defensive instincts of the attacker are immediately accessed and as such they back down into less aggressive postures for easy dis-engagement or control.​

Commonality of technique will allow the user to achieve the desired result with many different common implements in an emergency situation. Key, pen, magazine etc all become defensive tools with the correct skill set.

The system has defensive tactics for low level control options as well as higher level pain compliance and dis-engagement options.

For more information please click on the link below to access our technical brief.

Advanced Close Quarters Combat Survival Concepts

Because sometimes Use of Force is not an option or concern!

Here we pick up where our core module left off. This is urban reality combatives at its best!​

There WILL be times when higher use of force is the ONLY option!

Still designed as a dis-engagement first option, this course will allow you to move rapidly into higher force responses. This means going from engagement to dis-engagement rapidly.

This course is designed to give you the skills you need for the ambush.

We will show you how to manipulate body language, posturing and verbal cues to sub-consciously place the opponent in a position of weakness, while placing you in a stronger position from which to pre-emptively strike.

We use the predators own behaviour against them to immediately switch them from predator to prey. The training is as always, based on human behaviour and natural instinctive offensive/defensive responses.

The manipulation of sensory input organs with the addition of intuitive striking allows the user to overload the opponents OODA loop and overwhelm them in seconds!

Real organic violent situations are measured in SECONDS NOT MINUTES! Urban combatives trains you to deal with these real situations

For more information please click on the link below to access our technical brief.

U.R.C.Tactical_CQC.pdf (PDF — 399 KB)

Women's Street Safe Professional Self-Protection

This is our fundamentals I.R.I.S (instinctive response for immediate survival) course with content changes designed SPECIFICALLY for women!!

This is not a cookie cutter martial-arts type self defence course. This is a Professional Self-Protection course designed for women. It is still urban combatives...instinctive and natural...just designed for women.

We teach you EVERYTHING you need to stay safe for life. We take into account women's size, strength, attire and psychology just for starters.

We will teach you engagement and dis-engagement techniques that are REALISTIC and attainable.

Self-Protection is about staying safe before the physical violence begins. We teach you how to avoid this altogether.

Knowing what a "predator" WANTS and does NOT WANT is crucial in avoiding the physical aspect of sexual violence.

Recognition is crucial in avoidance!

Our male instructors partner with our female instructors for this seminar. Our female instructors are available for those who are uncomfortable with male aggressive interaction.

If you have been the victim of unwanted physical interference we shall work with you to the level you are comfortable with.

For more information please click on the link below to access our technical brief.

Due to the sensitive nature of some of our training certain seminars and programs cannot be published onto the web. Please browse the list below and contact us for further information on these seminars.

LE and MIL applications are available upon request for any and all programs.

-Spontaneous Knife Defense-

-Counter MMA Tactics-

-Last R​esort Techniques (LRT)-

-Fire and EMS Dis-Engagement Control Tactics-

-Baton and Handcuff Certification-

-MIL-SIM Airsoft Tactical and Close Protection Programs-

U.R.C.Tactical is proud to now deliver...!!! 

The Internationally recognized ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification programs.

All instructors carry the AIC designation directly from Armament Systems and Procedures and are vetted to offer fully sanctioned ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification. 

Please visit our ASP Baton/Handcuff page for further details.

Our list of associates and professional organization affiliates is extensive. If there is a need you have and you do not see a solution in the body of this work, contact us. We WILL be able to build a custom program for you or bring in the experts that can get it done.

 "When you understand yourself and you understand your enemy you cannot be defeated"
Sun Tsu

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