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Instinctive Response

Immediate Survival

-One on One/Private Group-

Not comfortable in a large group seminar setting? Need to customize content to fill a personal or professional mandate?

We recognize that not everyone learns the same way or at the same speed. For this reason we are available for private one on one instruction of any of our programs or of customized content specifically tailored to your requests.

Travelling with your job? Don't feel secure in your abilities to protect yourself? Need a skill set that will protect you and still be Use of Force friendly? Customized one on one instruction can help!!

We can also offer private group seminars of any of our Professional Self-Protection and Defensive Tactics courses at the location of your choosing. If you have a group of employees, friends or family and would prefer to keep it a controlled group then we can accommodate your request.

As a full-time international mobile training team we are available to travel to the location of your choosing for one on one or private group seminars.

For information regarding one on one, private small group seminars or customizing seminar content to your specifications please contact us.

A list of all of our programs can be found here!

 "You can only fight the way you practice"

Miyamoto Musashi

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