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Instinctive Response

Immediate Survival

ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification

U.R.C.Tactical is proud to now deliver...!!! 

The Internationally recognized ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification programs.

All instructors carry the AIC designation directly from Armament Systems and Procedures and are vetted to offer fully sanctioned ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification. 

ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification

ASP Baton and Handcuff Certification is the most dynamic impact weapon and restraint training available. ASP training incorporates easily remembered and devastatingly effective techniques that can be used by all personnel under actual field conditions,coupled with court defensible procedures that have reduced liability whilst improving safety.The ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff training program is universal across all levels of Law Enforcement, Military and Security.​ Thousands of operational personnel have learned first hand that ASP techniques work under the stress of actual street confrontations. 

The program has revolutionized baton and handcuff training, and has been implemented by agencies throughout the world, with training being conducted in 77 countries.The competency-based training program is based upon a conceptual model for the use of force and teaches the ASP principles of control using the ASP Tactical Baton & ASP Tactical Handcuffs. It focuses on mechanical functions and maintenance procedures for ASP Tactical Baton & Handcuffs,and skill with expandable impact weapons and the full range of ASP handcuffs.

The programs are easy to understand and provide efficient defensive tactics for all personnel without long hours of training. The tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained long after the program is completed and training incorporates drills which simulate the stress of street encounters. As a realistic training program ASP instruction recognises that nothing works 100% of the time, so all ASP training retains the officers ability to disengage or escalate, and since there are no complicated moves the ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification program avoids the training complexities which often plague other programs.

Once certified, participants are prepared in operational use of ASP Tactical Baton & Handcuffs, for ASP Basic Certification (ABC). Certification comes direct from Armament Systems and Procedures head office (not a third party program) and includes a wallet identification card, professional ASP Certificate and lapel pins to signify that you have completed the "Gold Standard" in Law Enforcement training.

This is a competency-based training program, mere participation does not guarantee certification. "ASP Certification is Earned NOT Given". 

Duration:This combined Baton and Handcuff Certification program is delivered over 2 consecutive days, with each day being 8 Hours of instruction.  

Independently: Tactical Baton- 8 Hours

Handcuffing- 6 Hours

Cost: Tactical Baton- $160

Handcuff- $110

Combined- $250

Agency Rates are available for 6 or more candidates!!

Included in the course cost, each candidate will be supplied with an ASP Tactical Baton and/or Tactical Handcuff Training manual and mouthguard at the onset of each course. 

Also included in the course cost....Each candidate who is successful in completing the course will receive an ASP Certificate from ASP International, an ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification wallet card and ASP lapel pins signifying Certification. 

All ASP training courses are universal!! An ASP Certification is the same for Law Enforcement...Corrections...or Private Security. Why obtain a third party Certification recognized in your province or country only. ASP Baton and Handcuff Certification is recognized WORLDWIDE.

Prerequisites: Students need reasonable numeric and literacy skills with a sound capacity in spoken English. A reasonable level of fitness is also advantageous.

We have full training facilities in the Niagara Region (Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, St Catharines, Hamilton and Burlington) and Toronto (GTA, Mississauga, and Oakville) to serve you. We are also a Mobile Training Team and can provide an ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification Seminar anywhere we are needed. You supply an area large enough and we shall supply all equipment needed.

To book a seminar or inquire about upcoming seminars:


Email: [email protected] or click on the ASP logo below.

Upcoming ASP Baton and Handcuff Certification

Date: November 18th and 19th

Location: 4 Christie Street, Grimsby

Time: 7:00am- 4:00pm both days

Cost: $250 per person cash. Credit Card add 13% HST

Booking: 416-558-2978....[email protected]