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Women's Street Safe Self-Protection Fundraiser

Posted on 8 July, 2013 at 22:17 Comments comments (5)
Firstly......a big thank you goes to our friends at the Red Griffin Martial Arts Studio for donating the use of their facility at no cost. This enabled us to give 100% of donations directly to Gillians Place. Also a big thank you to Red Griffin instructor Blayze Sullivan for donating his time for the whole weekend to join us and help out with the instructing.

Well what a weekend it was....a great turn out of women from the local Niagara region came to find out why we teach self-protection and not self defence. Yes....their was some pain to be had as we got into some of the physical dis-engagement strategies but the weight of the weekend was spent on recognition of the threat!

We delve deeply into the psychology and behaviour of sexual and violent predators. Why? Because we would rather that you know the predator and not be there when he decides to attack than not know him and have to deal with the attack in a violent altercation.

The responses from those who attended have been great and we would spend our weekend and do it all over again in a heartbeat. Violence against women is something that is usually only talked about after it has happened. There are many support groups for those who have been the victim of such an attack....but I would like to see a group that is there to give advice and support BEFORE it happens!

Gillian's Place has some fantastic information on their website to help be proactive about violence against women. If we can build awareness and give women the tools they need before violence occurs then we would ALL be better off. Violence against one woman affects the lives of many...

If you are reading this and need help or support, it is out there for you. If you are reading this and want to know how to protect us or come to a seminar. If you live to far away for that...CALL or EMAIL US NOW!! We will answer ANY call, ANY email and will help you if we can with information, tips or putting you in touch with some of our network of affiliates that may be closer to you. No-one should live in

Stay safe