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Instinctive Response

Immediate Survival

-About Us-

Would you rather learn how to survive from those who have...or those who read about it, watch it on the news and then practice it in a closed secure environment?

We are not just trainers...we have been active in various security roles across the globe since the mid 90's. During this time we have been constantly training and upgrading our field craft and Defensive Tactics skill set. Training in everything from PSD Hostile Environments to Covert Elimination Tactics and Silent Interdiction. Gaining multiple real world Certifications in Defensive Tactics to ASP Tactical Baton and Tactical Handcuffing. Working in everything from undercover roles and personal protection to sensitive Law Enforcement operations in Africa.

It was during this time and witnessing or being a part of countless violent interactions where we started to notice some of the flaws and weaknesses in the Defensive Tactics we were using. They were not based upon real violent interaction on the street...they were not meant for urban reality combatives.

What do we mean by this?...most Defensive Tactics had too many limits on when and where they would be useable on the street or in real violent confrontation. Sure...joint locks, pain compliance and palm strikes work...but do they work in confined spaces?Do they work with multiple attackers? Most violent confrontations happen at the "trapping" range of violence. They happen in a stairwell, a crowded club or bar with people right up beside and behind you, they happen on a bus. For professionals they happen in the "tube" or in a vehicle or in an elevator. More often than not there is more than one attacker!! These are just a few examples of limitations from traditional Defensive Tactics

We needed concepts that would take these restrictions into account and have commonality of technique and still be functional after a short period of training. Lets be honest...who has the time or finances to spend in the "dojo" 5 times a week.

So began the search for tactics which were based in real world scenarios and applications. Tactics which could be learnt and applied within hours and be functional in their application. Tactics which could be modified for various professional roles and needed a minimum ammount of time set aside for weekly or monthly maintenance. Tactics which could be accessed in confined spaces. Tactics for survival! 

We needed an instinctive response for immediate survival. We needed tactics which could hold up in the stress mess of the "ambush". We needed Urban Reality Combatives.

It was here that Urban Reality Combatives took shape.

Urban Reality Combatives encompasses Professional Self-Protection and Defensive Tactics which are based upon the bodies natural and instinctive offensive/defensive responses and are accessible in real world scenarios. Confined spaces, low light, ambush attacks, multiple attackers and under duress. All of these we can teach you to be functional in.

We have spent the better part of the last 5 years researching and training in, and with some of the leaders in Use of Force, RBSD, Defensive Tactics, Last Resort Techniques, PSD, Knife Techniques etc. As well as consulting with doctors of Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Medical Trauma, Psychologists and human behaviour. highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Now let me be clear...we DO NOT claim to be innovators or creators of any specific style or system. Sure we could make up a new system and be 10th degree black belts in "hum phy do" but that doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone. Especially the punk on the street who sees you as his ticket to his next high.

Human physiology and responses to stimuli cannot be trademarked or patented. We simply have taken the best techniques, applied knowledge from the medical field and adapted this knowledge to our own personal experiences in the field.

It is taking the natural and instinctive responses already embedded within you and adding a tactical/combative component to this that makes us different. You already have the mind to muscle connection. The muscle memory is already there. That is why you WILL remember what we teach.

We do have a few tricks up our sleeves from years of violent professional situations...but that is another matter to be discussed during training.

Sometimes it is not the actual body of teaching but the methodology of the teaching and the teacher themselves which make the difference. Our experience and depth of knowledge combined is what helps us in our teaching.

What we have put together is based on human behaviour and instinctive offensive/defensive reactions. We take these reactions and add combative and tactical strategies to them. The results are actions which are easy to learn and apply, even outside of the training arena that same day or evening! The natural and instinctive nature makes the actions a non-perishable skill set. It also means we can achieve great results with low duration high retention training.

Now you may be thinking that all of this is nothing new...RBSD has been teaching this way for years...and you would be right. Street thugs have been using urban reality combatives as a way of life...again you are right.

What is different is the way we present the information, the ability to be adaptive with our programs for low light scenarios, confined spaces, multiple attackers, under duress and our first hand knowledge of what really works and what is fluff meant to empty your wallets. Trust me when i say we have spent thousands of dollars and hours attending seminars which turned out to be fluff.

We have spent the time and the money so you do not have too. We have survived in some of the worlds most dangerous places. The lessons learned there were INVALUABLE. You learn alot about your character and the legitimacy of your Defensive Tactics very quickly.

I can tell you that our training WILL make a difference in the urban jungle. Our concepts and systems WILL raise your level of confidence and survivability. Without training you are leaving a chance for disastrous events to unfold.

 It is better to have and not need, than need and not have!

Our door is open...the rest is up to you.

Stay Safe.

"in the ring you win, on the streets you survive"

Rich Dimitri

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