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Instinctive Response

Immediate Survival

Welcome to U.R.C. Tactical

(Urban Reality Combatives) 

Professional Self-Protection training for


(U.R.C.Tactical operates as an International Mobile Training Team).

We offer Reality Based Self Protection training programs,customized Defensive Tactics training and ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification. Our programs are based on human behaviour and psychology as well as instinctive human offensive/defensive reactions and reflexive responses.

We specialize in Self-Protection and Professional Defensive

Tactics concepts/programs for Use of Force friendly outcomes through engagement/dis-engagement as well as programs including Last Resort Techniques (LRT) for A-social violent situations .

Our programs are instinctive in nature and can be learned and adopted with low duration high retention training.

Instinctive response mechanisms dominate cognitive methods 100% of the time!!

Our research and personal field experiences have proven this time and time again. Under the extreme duress of violent interaction our bodies revert back to a primal/feral instinctive response mechanism as it enters an adrenal stress condition. Fine motor skills become increasingly unaccessible and "tunnel vision" kicks in. At this point use of force becomes a liabilty. A system incorporating gross motor actions with a tactical component is the preferred solution. Urban Reality Combatives is a real world response to real world violence.

 We say interaction as even the pre-contact stage of violent interaction can send the body into an adrenal stress condition...why is it then that most systems only deal with the contact stage?...never the pre and post-contact stages. The first 5 seconds of pre-contact are critical as this is where the conflict can be won or lost!

We deal with all 3 stages of violent conflict!!

We have developed our programs...especially our I.R.I.S System (instinctive response for immediate survival)... based upon human behaviour and instinctive offensive/defensive reactions. We add tactical and combative strategies to instinctive responses not complicated techniques based upon an art form or sport based style. 

They are meant to be functional in the organic and violent urban arena for not only Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security, but also the average citizen, no matter their age, fitness level or gender....GUARANTEED!

All of our programs are modifiable to fit the needs of specialized groups/individuals and can be combined simultaneously for customized programs. Or, we can design a program for your specific needs. Use of Force friendly or otherwise.

We are also fully vetted and sanctioned Armament Systems and Procedures instructors. Capable of offering ASP Tactical Baton and Handcuff Certification.

Want to know what we teach to Government Agencies, Private Armed Security, CPO details, Airline Security, countless corporate executives and regular everyday civilians to keep them, their businesses and clients safe? Then click here to find out how we help them and why we can help you!

We have spent the majority of our careers in austere environments and high risk professional settings, learning the hard way what works and what does not. Find this knowledge here! Do not trust your greatest asset(your life) to learning a skill set made for use in a closed secure environment or has a sport based functionality that does not translate to asocial, real world, stress based, organic violent situations. Urban Reality Combatives is made for the real world.

Realistic training can help you survive the most violent and critical 5 seconds of your life...there are no second chances in a true violent situation!

We do not train for trainings sake, or for the art of the form or for the sport of it all.

We train to survive the crisis!!!

"in a crisis we will not rise to our expectations, but fall to our level of training’’

Paul Vunak

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